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Kenilworth Sat 16 Dec 12:30

Race 1 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1200m Win time: 74.34s

10Township Melody160.0B Fayd'Herbe16-10
21.50Forehand1060.0S Veale8-1
32.75Miss Smarty Pants1360.0C Orffer9-2
43.15Hemero1260.0S Cele100-1
55.40Hammie's Fan360.0G van Niekerk11-1
66.65Little Miss Me260.0A Domeyer10-1
77.40Polly Again1760.0reserve 1100-1
87.60London Spirit460.0R Fourie28-1
99.85Negma1460.0G Cheyne36-1
1010.35Alfred's Girl560.0G Behr28-1
1113.10Double Rosie860.0M Byleveld28-1
1215.60Happy Junction1160.0B May66-1
1320.10Fast Finish960.0A Marcus7-1
1421.35Skybound Dancer1660.0Wes Marwing66-1
1526.35Alpine Jig660.0D David66-1
1627.10Ohsobright1560.0L Africa100-1

Kenilworth Sat 16 Dec 1:05

Race 2 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1400m Win time: 89.11s

10Bid Before Sunset160.0G van Niekerk7-2
22.25Bendy Bullet260.0L Hewitson15-1
32.55Star Burst760.0R Fourie13-2
43.30Symphony560.0M Byleveld15-2
54.80Flower Of Carmel360.0A Domeyer9-2
64.85Valentine's Girl860.0L Mxothwa15-1
76.10Love Dove460.0A Delpech33-10
86.85San Rochelle1660.0P Strydom15-1
96.90Fools Garden1060.0A Andrews45-1
107.30Holyrood Palace1460.0M Seidl36-1
1110.55Thermocline960.0C Orffer28-1
1215.55Popinjay1560.0L Africa45-1
1317.55Danando1260.0D Ashby66-1

Kenilworth Sat 16 Dec 1:40

Race 3 MR 72 Handicap 1400m Win time: 87.51s

10Talk Of The Town161.5A Marcus28-10
21.00King Of Aces1152.0J P v'd Merwe36-1
31.10Joiners Arms956.0L Mxothwa36-1
41.50Mister Colin856.0B May36-1
52.00Silver Master259.0A Delpech7-2
62.20What A Joker657.0A Domeyer11-2
72.95Tripple Explosion358.5R Fourie13-1
83.00Milden Spell557.5G van Niekerk13-2
94.25Spring Gold1252.0C Zackey30-1
107.50Nauticus458.0S Veale15-1
117.90Cream Soda Green1052.0D David15-1
1212.40Red Eight756.5M Byleveld18-1

Kenilworth Sat 16 Dec 2:15

Race 4 MR 64 Handicap 1000m Win time: 60.76s

10Pen-Chan757.5R Fourie22-1
21.50Western Storm461.0M Winnaar4-1
31.55Henry Tudor361.0B Fayd'Herbe8-1
41.75True Words162.0A Marcus6-1
52.50Ready Steady Go261.5G Behr7-1
62.80Saint Donan1154.5D Ashby28-1
72.85Aviemore1252.5R Khathi15-2
83.85Cardinal Call559.5G Lerena9-1
94.85Astrapi1054.5D David22-1
105.60Hereford657.5G van Niekerk19-1
116.00Waitingfortonight856.5P Strydom10-1
127.25Trojan Quest955.0C Orffer8-1

Kenilworth Sat 16 Dec 2:55

Race 5 MR 69 Handicap 2000m Win time: 125.92s

10The Sun Also Rises656.5A Delpech5-1
21.00Cardiff Castle953.5A Andrews9-1
31.40Paddington457.5P Strydom6-1
41.80Mr Lover Boy1152.0G van Niekerk11-1
52.10Cape Xtreme755.5L Hewitson15-1
63.35Royal Ginger160.0B Fayd'Herbe9-1
75.10Juddering Angel557.0M Seidl22-1
86.35Endofmarch357.5A Domeyer15-1
96.55Zanzibarian259.5C Orffer17-10
108.05Blind Spot1052.0D David28-1

Kenilworth Sat 16 Dec 3:30

Race 6 Gr2 Premier Trophy 1800m Win time: 111.96s

10Milton658.0G Lerena22-1
20.05Last Winter757.5A Delpech12-10
33.30Krambambuli259.0B Fayd'Herbe13-1
43.35Ollivander1057.5L Hewitson36-1
53.55Black Arthur558.0P Strydom7-1
63.75Opera Royal1151.0D David44-1
74.15Horizon857.5A Domeyer6-1
84.90Nebula458.0D Dillon8-1
98.40Platinum Prince957.5G van Niekerk16-1
1010.15Ovidio358.0C Orffer66-1
1118.15Deo Juvente160.0C Murray9-1

Kenilworth Sat 16 Dec 4:05

Race 7 Gr1 Cape Guineas (3yo's) 1600m Win time: 98.93s

10Tap O' Noth560.0M Byleveld4-1
20.50White River1360.0G Cheyne13-2
31.75Like A Panther960.0A Marcus16-1
41.85Cot Campbell1560.0G van Niekerk15-1
52.35Wonderwall160.0P Strydom28-1
62.55Pack Leader760.0C Zackey36-1
74.05Rocket Countdown660.0A Domeyer11-1
84.35Captain And Master360.0A Delpech10-1
95.10Do It Again1260.0B Fayd'Herbe5-1
105.60Undercover Agent1460.0D Dillon15-1
116.35Sir David Baird860.0G Lerena7-1
128.60Bold Respect260.0C Orffer12-1
139.10Purple Diamond1060.0L Hewitson50-1
1411.60Sir Frenchie1160.0C Murray36-1

Kenilworth Sat 16 Dec 4:40

Race 8 Gr3 Victress Stakes (F&M) 1800m Win time: 113.49s

10Star Express457.0C Murray19-1
21.25Premier Dance1056.5S Veale28-1
31.65Nightingale160.0A Delpech4-1
42.40Goodtime Gal358.0B Fayd'Herbe9-2
52.50Silver Thursday1550.0J P v'd Merwe15-1
62.70Seattle Gold1256.5G Cheyne19-1
73.20Dynamic Diana1650.0G van Niekerk7-2
83.70Epona856.5A Marcus19-1
94.00Louisiana557.0C Orffer15-1
104.50Meryl1450.0S Cele22-1
115.25Lady Of the House259.5P Strydom10-1
125.55Oriental Oak956.5R Fourie44-1
135.60Captain Gambler1356.5D Dillon45-1
145.70Whose That Girl1156.5A Domeyer15-1
156.95Francia657.0M Byleveld36-1

Kenilworth Sat 16 Dec 5:15

Race 9 Gr3 Summer Stayers Handicap 2500m Win time: 156.27s

10Strathdon452.0G van Niekerk11-10
21.00I Travel Light652.0M Seidl6-1
32.50Our Emperor552.0G Cheyne11-2
45.75Woodland's Forest952.0B May50-1
58.00Mr Winsome160.5B Fayd'Herbe15-1
69.50Red Peril752.0J P v'd Merwe15-1
79.55My World353.0L Hewitson13-1
815.80Cape Speed257.0A Delpech6-1
921.05Mangrove852.0A Andrews36-1

Kenilworth Sat 16 Dec 5:50

Race 10 MR 70 Handicap (F&M) 1000m Win time: 60.34s

10Passion Peach359.5A Andrews22-1
20.05Royal Chian1052.5M Byleveld6-1
30.80Lily Theresa259.5R Khathi41-10
41.80Gimme Katrina756.0G van Niekerk3-1
52.20Sharp Peg855.0R Fourie9-1
62.50It Is What It Is161.5B Fayd'Herbe4-1
73.00Rebel's Idol1152.0L Hewitson13-1
84.00Diva Fever459.0M Winnaar9-1
96.00Secret Name953.5L Africa28-1
109.25Mistico's Secret1252.0D David36-1